How To Survive And Thrive Selling PLR Content In The Digital Age - Part 2

How To Survive And Thrive Selling PLR Content In The Digital Age – Part 2

Hey guys. Here’s part 2 to how to start selling PLR content within our digital age.

Considerations to Make Before Entering Into PLR Partnerships For Selling PLR Content

As a PLR vendor, and in particular a new vendor, you’re going to be approached by prospective partners who want to team up with you.

They’ll show you big earnings they’ve had in the past, and gloss over the fact that they’ve ruined their reputation in the process or are simply looking for someone who is easy prey to scam.

This is not always the case, of course.

There are good and ethical PLR vendors and marketers who genuinely want to team up with someone in a way to share responsibilities and earn money in a moral manner.

But you have to be very careful about teaming up with anyone else as a PLR vendor who is selling PLR content.

There are many people who simply want you to do all the work, and claim they have the name and contacts to help you get sales.



When you team up with someone else in a collaboration for a product launch like this, you are aligning yourself with this person in a way that people will now associate you with whatever reputation they have.

For example, someone might be known for buying another vendor’s PLR and then selling unrestricted rights to it, which they don’t have permission to do.

Then, because their account gets restricted, they try to team up with you and use your account to continue making money during that time.

You may not even be aware that this is going on behind the scenes, so it’s important that you join groups and talk to people via private messages to see what type of information you can find out about someone before you enter into a partnership agreement.

If you do decide to pair up with someone, make sure you have seen how they work and whether or not they are consistent with their deliverables.

You don’t want to have to make up for their share of the tasks involved at the last minute.

It’s always best to launch your own private label rights in a solo manner.

But there are times when a partnership might be a good idea if the other person brings something to the table that you can’t accomplish on your own.


Savvy Affiliate Recruitment Strategies That Protect Your Ideas When Selling PLR Content

In previous days, private label rights vendors would go on a mass recruitment process to get as many affiliates on board as possible.

These days, you have to protect your launch in several different ways.

It’s better to have fewer, but top-quality affiliates to cast a wide net and bring people onboard who won’t ruin your launch.

Because of the unethical attitude many marketers use in their business online, you may not want to publicly announce your launch to just anyone.

PLR vendors used to post the announcement of their upcoming launch on their social media profiles, on sites like Muncheye, and in marketing groups where everyone shares information.

But if you are the kind of seller who is succeeding in coming up with innovative topics, you can expect that shady marketers are going to try to steal your idea and launch it before you do.


For example, if you have a listing on Muncheye, all of the unscrupulous marketers can see the details of your launch, copy them, and release the content before you have a chance to.

One thing you may want to do is begin changing your affiliate recruitment process so that it is more personalized and effective.

You want to identify major vendors and affiliates whose list would respond well to the topic that you are creating your content about.

Instead of making a public announcement, you can privately approach them with the details of your launch, including a joint venture (JV) page that goes over everything in one spot.

You can also start a list for your top affiliates to join so that you can notify them whenever you have something in the works.

Smart affiliate recruitment isn’t just about who knows of your upcoming launch, but who you approve to promote it.


These days, if you are using a third party platform like Warrior Plus or JVZoo, affiliates are going to be able to see the conversion rate and refund rate associated with your product launch.

If you allow anyone and everyone to promote for you, your conversion rate will be low, and your refund rate will be high.

That’s because low quality affiliates are not sending the best, targeted traffic to your offer.

On Warrior Plus, you have the ability to set parameters on who can even apply to promote your product launch.

Even setting it at a number like 60, you will have people applying who have almost no sales, with a fairly high refund rate.

You never want to approve anyone who has under 100 sales minimum, and a very low refund rate of under 5%, maximum.

If the refund rate is higher than their conversion rate, you will want to decline the affiliate.

To be fair, my own stats break almost all of these rules (I have an affiliate score of 58, less than 100 sales, and a refund rate of 5.3%).

I still get affiliate sales every now and then, so it really depends.

You have to protect the integrity of your product launch, and reward good affiliates with the opportunity to promote as an exclusive group of individuals that you trust can contribute top quality traffic and sales.


An Update on Choosing and Wording the Rights and Usage to Your PLR When Selling PLR Content

One thing you’re going to have to decide on when you are launching private label rights content are the rights themselves.

There are different levels of rights, and you have to be very careful about the wording that you use.

No matter how carefully you craft your license, there will always be thieves and unethical individuals who purchase and resell your PLR without your permission.

All you can do in this situation is stay aware, contact the platform to see if they will do anything about it, and send their domain registrar and host a DMCA to takedown the website.

Private label rights give your buyers the opportunity to purchase content that they can use in their business on their blog, as a lead magnet, as an info product, as social media posts, etc.

It does not give them the right to sell your content to other people who can use it on their blog, as lead magnets, or as info products, etc.

Your buyers will be able to put their name on the content to have it represent their brand online.


You do have the option to also sell resell rights to your content. Most PLR vendors do not do this, but there are a few who offer this option.

The reason most don’t allow it is because it dilutes the content even further.

When you offer resell rights, you are allowing the buyer to sell the content to others to use as their own.

You may be able to put two different buy buttons on your sales page, one where they can purchase simple private label rights and the other where they can purchase resell rights.

If you are using third party platforms, be aware that they may have you choose a license that doesn’t necessarily fit with what you offer.

For example, Warrior Plus only gives you the option to offer extended or personal use rights.

Neither of these is right for a PLR seller. In order to protect your content, make sure you do not choose the extended rights option.

Instead, choose the personal use rights, and add an additional note that explains your license specifically, and that they do have the right to use it as PLR.


In Conclusion

The private label rights industry is one where you can truly set yourself apart as a creative, innovative content developer.

By doing this, you will garner the attention of marketers who need top quality information for their website, and will remain loyal to you as long as you continue delivering for their online needs.

I’ll be back with another article about PLR content soon. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this post.

Till Next Time…

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