Extra Resources

So you made it to the unknown abyss, the black hole of this website. Here I will place some links and extra internet marketing resources from time to time that has or are currently helping me make money.

Some might be related to Internet Marketing, some might be in other niches.

For starters, here’s my linktree. (mostly non IM links [stock groups, options groups, forex signal providers and groups, money saving apps, etc.])

I will update this page as I go.


A Short Money Generating Method

If you’re looking to make money using fiverr, here’s a short but easy method: take gigs from seoclerks and upload them to fiverr. Make sure that the gig can be sold on fiverr. Make sure the gig on seoclerks costs around $1-2 so you maximize your profit returns.

Also, make sure that the gig provider on seoclerks is of high quality (like a top seller on fiverr). This ensures that the odds of you having a bad supplier are extremely low.


If you’re looking for some of my educational products, you should definitely check out my payhip store here.

It doesn’t have much but everything listed here will aid you in what you are trying to accomplish in this field of “make money online”.

Mind you, the bulk of the educational products are down below.

I call them “extra internet marketing resources” for now.

And… if you look hard enough on this blog (specifically in my posts), you may find a coupon code for at least one of the products listed there.

Don’t try it for all of the products, it’s only specifically for that one product.

This “payhip store” I created to house these products is subject to change very soon. I will be moving these products to a new platform, which will allow me to have my sales page(s) and payment processor all in one. (Edited Dec. 2021)

EDIT Jan 2023: I am fully aware that there are a lot of broken links here. I am in the process of fixing them all. They should be taken care of before Spring 2023.

All Internet Marketing Products

Here are all the products that I intend to upload:

  1. PLR Profits Bundle
  2. Simple Affiliate Plan
  3. PLR Checklists
  4. Fast Traffic Cheatsheets
  5. PLR Power System
  6. Ready To Go List Building Edition
  7. Ready To Go Website Traffic Edition
  8. Ready To Go Internet Marketer’s Edition
  9. 10:10 Sales Letter Challenge
  10. Digital Profit Plans
  11. Blogging Formulas
  12. Membership Profits Blueprints
  13. Niche Reports For Cash
  14. Product Creation 10 Minute Guides
  15. Email Promo Payoffs
  16. My Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  17. My Email Templates
  18. My Facebook Marketing Kit
  19. Contentaire (coming soon!)
  20. PLR Repurpose Masterclass (coming soon!)
  21. PLR Set-Up Masterclass (coming soon!)
  22. PLR Rebranding Masterclass (coming soon!)
  23. PLR Rebranding Masterclass 2.0 (coming soon!)
  24. The PLR Playbook 1.0
  25. The PLR Playbook 2.0 (coming soon!)
  26. PLR Boss
  27. PLR Launch Live Masterclass
  28. Ready To Go PLR Edition
  29. Ready To Go Passive Income Edition
  30. The Comprehensive Guide For Using PLR (coming soon!)
  31. 7 Ways To Monetize Your PLR Content (coming soon and better!)
  32. The PLR Compendium (coming soon!)
  33. Licensed To Sell
  34. PLRTivity
  35. 10 Micro Reports
  36. Content Completed (PLR License Available)
  37. EmailHowTo (PLR License Available)
  38. Businessessentials (PLR License Available)
  39. Affiliate Like A Pro Vol. 1 (PLR License Available)
  40. Affiliate Like A Pro Vol. 2 (PLR License Available)
  41. Traffic Like A Pro (PLR License Available)
  42. Traffic That Converts
  43. Big Book Of Ideas For Copywriting (PLR License Available)
  44. Big Book Of Ideas For Email Marketing (PLR License Available)
  45. Big Book Of Ideas For Marketing Basics (PLR License Available)
  46. Big Book Of Ideas For SEO (PLR License Available)
  47. Affiliatemails
  48. Places And Profits
  49. Membercome
  50. How To Pull Money
  51. CoachCome (PLR License Available)
  52. and much much more…. like a lot more.

Let Me Be Clear…

Some of these internet marketing products listed here have a thrivecart link.

Others have a salespage link that may be broken. My apologies.

Others have a payhip link that probably has a sales page link within the description (that’s probably a broken link). My apologies again.

This is because I am still in the process of moving these products to thrivecart. With that said, some payhip links may not have the sales page available to be viewed.

When I get everything moved, all of the sales pages will be there. So, just bear with me a bit.

Some of these products have a thrivecart page linked. Those products are good to go.

More products are coming soon to the store and as they are added, this page will be updated.

When that happens, I will have a section dedicated to extra internet marketing resources only and a section for internet marketing products. For now, this is how it will stay.

All sales are FINAL (No Refunds).