Why bother selling MRR/PLR products as is anymore?

Hi again. So I recently set up a shop to sell some MRR/plr products I have. But, if you have been a constant hoarder of these type of products, you might wonder “why am I selling these?” You might say, “they’re old, out of date and basically unusable”. And you might be correct.

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PLR Secrets Exposed

The PLR Content SECRETS you ALWAYS wanted to know…

Hey. I know it has been a while since a post has been up on here. I’m going to change that hopefully. Anyways, here today I have for you a product (but not being marketed as a product) that’s free. It’s kind of recent but the knowledge in it is very evergreen.

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Keep track and manage your PLR products with this sofware…

Hey. So, some months ago (my 2nd post) I put up an idea for program creators and that was to make a program that helps to keep your plr files (ebooks, articles, etc) in one place. Turns out someone was probably reading my blog or the word got out quick… cause literally 3 months later […]

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Check your PLR License Rules! + Bonus idea for program creators…

I was honestly supposed to post last week but I got caught up in a lot of stuff. On top of that, there’s not enough stuff going on in the PLR world to post about. I’m probably making excuses now but you get the point. Send me an email with something you might wanna talk […]

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6 Ways To Make Money Using PLR Products + Extra Method

6 Ways To Make Money Using PLR Products

Updated 9/21/22. So I came across this post on the warrior forum detailing “6 Easy and Effective Ways to Earn Money From PLR Products“. 

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