Site Reviews

I’ve been looking to get some site reviews for this website, among other things.

This will serve that purpose. Also, when I start to release products, this is where I intend to send them to do a review.

To me, reviews are the simplest and easiest way to show the market’s view of what one’s value is.

In this case, it applies to my site (but it could also apply to products as well).

With that said, I figured I’d join the club and try to get some (site reviews, or reviews in general) here.

Presently, I’ve had this website for a while now and I do find it crazy that in the first year, I got the most feedback.

Now I’m trying to change that around as I get more traffic and engagement.

So, do leave a review or a site review if you would like to do so.

The form is right below.

Site Reviews Form

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