What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. In its basic definition, it means you have the rights to take the content that was offered/bought/given to you and you can change it into something else.


That depends on the rights/license you got. If you ain’t get no license with your content that you acquired, you better ask whoever you got it from for the license.

This is a pretty basic explanation, but before I shower you with a bunch of links so you can go (*shoo shoo*), I will make this very exaggerated example on how to use it:

Pretty much everybody who has come across the English language probably knows or heard about this sentence:

The cow jumped over the moon.

Let’s assume that this sentence was never made before, it was never on the internet, or in any article of the sort. Say you bought the PLR rights to this sentence. You can/could (depending on the rights!!!) edit the sentence and make it as something of your own. For example:

Starfox glided over Jupiter into the next galaxy.

See how I did that? If I were to run this sentence in copyscape or dupefreepro or whatever “duplicate finding site” you love to use, the only word that is 100% there are the words “over” and “the”. Over and the aren’t really important words because they really don’t hold much weight. Over is a verb, which just dictates what Starfox is doing, while the dictates where and/or what he’s going to.

As a result of leaving these two less significant words, this sentence would definitely work. I would not be violating any duplicate content rule whatsoever by using this sentence because it really looks and sounds original.

If everyone used PLR in this fashion, I GUARANTEE nobody would know that PLR was the original source for the end product and they wouldn’t step on each other’s toes when it comes to using that content. However, some people still make the LEAST of the modifications to any PLR content they are going to use. For example:

The cow jumped on the moon.


I mean… well………. to each his/her own?

In the end they are only harming themselves because they are competing with the same people that put up the PLR unmodified or narrowly modified on their site, article directory or some other random place.

For people in the IM (Internet Marketing) world (or any site for that uses content), there are google updates which LOVE to slap websites that employ tactics like using duplicate content or editing like 1% of it to be put up on their site.

HOWEVER… I am not here to get on anyone’s bad side. I’m pretty sure there are some websites that are using duplicate content that are wildly successful (that’s part of my research, I got to find those).

I’m just saying, turn your PLR into something that reflects you. Give your own persona, feel or aura to that content. There will never be another “you” on this world. Why not let yourself shine?

Through PLR, that is… if you want.

I almost left you guys hanging, so I’ll leave you with these links for extra information:


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